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All you have to do is pick the winners from the losers. Easy beazie as our daughter would say. Moving People Vehicles/transportation excites everyone and CES attracts the biggest, best from around the globe as well as folks who want them … now! Okay, it's a concept but when Mercedes brings in James Cameron to unveil their Av tr, you know they're out to make a statement that they are looking to the future with their inside and out auto design. The Avtr incorporates design ideas Mercedes will be using in other vehicles: - compostable graphene- based battery free of rare earth materials - seats of vegan leather - floor composed of hand- harvested Indonesian timber - multidirectional bionic flaps that somehow supply energy to the car - wrap-around screen to manage, entertain - detect, monitor, merge with everyone when they're seated You'll never look at Elon's Tesla Model 3 with envy again. Sony surprised folks with their Vision-S concept car that actually works, even though they have no intention in taking on the big iron folks (we think). They showed o' entertainment everywhere with 360-degree audio; panoramic dash as well as camera, LIDAR, radar, ultrasonic sensors; 0-60 in 4.5 sec; 150 mph top end and an electrically powered 300 mi range. Well, you and auto folks get the idea. Oh yeah, there are way too many LIDAR and sensor solutions people are pushing … too many to survive. Henrik Fisker (Revero, Emotion) is back with the Ocean, an electric crossover sorta' like an SUV but cooler. Due in 2022, it's priced right ($38K or $379 lease) and for folks with lots of sun can give you 300 mile plus range powered by a lithium- ion battery pack and electric motors over each axle. During the unveiling, Fisker called the Ocean "the world's most sustainable vehicle." It has a full- length solar roof, recycled carpeting, vegan interior, "eco-suede" interior textiles and will use discarded rubber waste. We were impressed with the Byton electric cars when we got our first look at it at last year's CES. First thing that hits you is the 48-inch post- to-post screen that can be customized into segments to suit you. Tomorrow's Flights – With the assistance of Misapplied Science, Delta Airlines introduced unreal personalized messaging at CES (T). They are also testing new ecoskeletons that make baggage handline easier. SOURCE GEEKWIRE CNET Ready for Tomorrow – The Mercedes Avtr concept car gives you a mouth- watering view of how you'll zip around the countryside. (T) Sony surprised just about everyone with a concept car that shows anyone can do it right … even an entertainment company. SOURCE CES Real Cars – Fisker unveiled its new ecofriendly vehicle that will be available early next year (T). Byton is beginning the production of its electric car first for the Chinese market and then beyond. SOURCE PC MAG, CES

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