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8. Find Devices (Even Offline Ones) Apple has combined Find My iPhone and Find My Friends into a single Find My app in iOS 13. But it's not just a cosmetic change. The new Find My app has some clever capabilities that weren't available before. The most notable is the ability to locate devices even if they're not connected to the internet. Apple does this by bouncing Bluetooth signals o' of other Apple devices in the area. And don't work, it does this while protecting your privacy and security too. 7. Get More from Apple Maps Apple Maps is no longer the disaster it was early in its history. These days, Apple Maps is a capable contender for the best navigation app on iOS. And it's learned a few new tricks in iOS 13. That includes a new Look Around mode that mimics Google's famous Street View. You can also set locations in Apple Maps as favorites and add them to collections for easy curation. 6. Connect to Generic Storage Apple has been steadily improving local storage management since the introduction of the Files app in iOS 11. And in iOS 13, there are some handy new features that users can take advantage of both on iPhone and iPad. That includes the ability to download content directly to Files from Safari. Users can now also connect to generic media such as a USB fl ash drive or an external SSD. Need to send a large folder? You can now compress and uncompress files right in the Files app. 5. Switch Between Light and Dark The flagship feature of iOS 13 is undoubtedly Dark Mode. Now, you don't have to settle for the typical light UI design on your iPhone. Just pop over to the Control Center and switch on Dark Mode for a systemwide switch to the dark side. Dark Mode changes pretty much every facet of iOS, making it a good choice for nighttime reading. Better yet, most third- party apps are compatible with Dark Mode these days and will automatically switch according to your current setting. 4. Edit Text Easier Editing text on iPhones has always been a bit wonky. But Apple has improved the text selection in iOS 13 with new gesture-based controls. You can copy text with a three-finger, pinch-in motion, and paste it with a three-finger pinch-out motion, for example. You can also just drag the text cursor anywhere you want it, as well as undo and redo typing with a forward or back gesture. 3. Get More from Reminders Apple has completely overhauled the Reminders app to be much nimrod capable and feature-rich in iOS 13. Even if you're using another task or checklist app, Reminders is certainly worth a revisit in the new update. That's because of much-needed features like natural language parsing, quick-type task creation and the ability to create hierarchical lists. You can also tag your contacts in individual Reminders, which notifies you of pending reminders the next time you're texting them in Messages. 2. Connect a Mouse to Your iPhone or iPad Apple also quietly added the ability to connect a mouse to your iPad (or iPhone) in iOS and iPadOS 13. While it isn't straight- out mouse support, it does allow users to connect and take advantage of Bluetooth or Wired mice on their devices. Technically, it's an Accessibility feature and you'll find it in Settings Accessibility AssistiveTouch. Once you connect it, you'll see a fairly large cursor that mimics a human finger. It isn't a perfect mouse integration, but it's there. 1. View & Edit Photos Better The Photos app also received a major update in iOS 13. For one, it sports a new interface that makes browsing your favorite images and videos a breeze (while simultaneously filtering out duplicate photos and screenshots automatically). There are also new editing options in the Photos app, which means you can tailor your images with a new suite of tap-and- drag gestures. Better yet, those editing tools can now be used to tweak videos — something that wasn't possible before. Images courtesy of

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