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12 Things You Can Do in iOS 13 You Couldn't Do Before By Mike Peterson There's a good chance that you have iOS 13 or iPadOS installed on your devices. The software update has been around for a while. But that doesn't mean there aren't some hidden gems that many users may not be aware of. iOS 13 was packed with new features, which means that some of its capabilities likely got lost in the mix. To help you take advantage of the update, continue reading to learn about 12 things you can do in iOS 13 that you couldn't before. 12. Get to Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Quicker Say you want to switch to another Wi-Fi network or disconnect from a Bluetooth speaker. In the past, you needed to delve into the Settings app to get to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth menus. A bit inconvenient, for sure. In iOS 13, you can access these menus much more quickly and efficiently. Just open the Control Center on your iPhone, and long press on the Connectivity menu. From there, long press on either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to quickly bring up a new connection menu. 11. Type by Swiping Robocalls are still a massive problem in the U.S., despite the best e' orts of carriers and government bodies to combat them. As of iOS 13, however, you can now send all unknown callers straight to voicemail. The native iOS keyboard is probably your best choice when it comes to typing on iPhone or iPad. But it's always lacked one key feature of third-party keyboards: swipe- to-text functionality. That's no longer the case in iOS 13. You can now swipe your finger across the keys to quickly type out words and phrases anywhere in iOS. The predictive text element of it is top-notch too, so you don't need to worry about accuracy. 10. Sign In with Apple Using a social media site or other service, like Facebook or Google, to sign into new accounts is convenient. But, on the flip side, it's also a potential privacy risk since it means those services can now access each other's data. In response, Apple has debuted a new Sign In with Apple feature t hat uses disposable, private email addresses which for ward to your Apple account. Apple won' t reveal any of your personal data, and you can easily delete those logins or randomized emails with a few taps . 9. Squeeze More Life out of Your Battery Batter y life has always been a top priority among iPhone users. And now, in addition to Low Power Mode, Apple has added a new feature that should help your battery last longer over time. It's called Optimized Battery Charging and it works by analyzing your nightly or daily charging habits to ensure that your battery stays an an optimal charge rate for long periods of time.

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