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Apple computers don't make great gaming machines. And the reason, once again, is often lack of upgradeable features and modularity. Gamers want the ability to guarantee enough power to run demanding games, along with options to increase hardware as necessary, improve cooling systems, and generally modify their computers as needed to get the gaming rig they want. Macs just don't let you do this by design. The xMac, on the other hand, would be made explicitly for such upgrades, and give Apple a chance to market it as a "gaming Mac." You can be sure this is a market Apple would love to appeal to if possible, especially with the tie -ins to Apple Arcade that are now possible (and the more demanding games that Arcade could then sell). This synergy, in par ticular, could make the xMac a valuable release in 2020 or at least the new few years. 1. Another "Headless" Mac Could Bring More Focus to Apple Displays The xMac would almost certainly be a headless Mac without a monitor, like the mini (otherwise, there's not much point). And this is another plus for Apple right now, because the company would love to sell more of its own displays, and possibly even bring some new displays to market if the demand is high enough. This could also lead to Apple offering OLED displays and other upgrades that would be very welcome among Apple fans. This sort of product bundling is what tech companies love to see, and another way the xMac could be used if it's finally released this year. Fingers crossed! Images courtesy of

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