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3. Modular Is (Probably) the Future Apple's successful consumer Macs are all-in-one machines or compact solutions like the mini, and this needs to change. The future of computer desktops is, increasingly, modular. Even in the beginning, modular properties and upgradability were key expectations for the longed-after xMac. This was because fans knew that these features were in high demand and that demand has remained. The Mac Pro does this really well. You can take out and replace nearly any part for massive upgrades or changes, depending on the exact kind of machine you need. Surely such design features could be incorporated in a smaller consumer computer without price tags following? Other brands are also focusing more on modularity (look for it to become more common in smartphones), because it's essentially customer service: You don't have to buy a new device every few years, but you do need to purchase less expensive upgrade components for speed boosts, better processors, more storage, and so on. This model may seem counter intuitive to Apple's consumer product strategy, but the company has no problem doing it for the professional Mac Pro. It's time to bring the same strategy to consumers, and the xMac will be the beginning. That means it could also signal the death of the iMac, which could be why Apple has stayed away from an xMac thus far. 2. It Could Be Apple's Gaming Machine Even if you overcome platform and accessory difficulties,

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