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Q. Do you have a favorite feature in the software? Way too many! I love the brush engine! The blending capabilities are huge for me as a traditional artist. I love the 3D models and the close and fill feature. I love manipulating the vector lines and it's become a huge part of my workflow. Recently I finished a massive piece in Clip Studio Paint, which I had been given less than two weeks' notice for. If it hadn't been for the vector layers and the close and fill feature, I would not have been able to finish it in time. Things that used to take me 20 hours, I can now do in so much less time. The changes are tremendous. Every time I start talking about Clip Studio Paint on stream, people must be like, "Oh here she goes again." (laughs) Q. Is there a feature you think is really underrated? For me, since I have such a wide range of styles, I feel that the best part about Clip Studio Paint is that it is so versatile and flexible in all aspects. However, the thing I really want to point out is the 3D models. I use those for literally every one of my pieces - my paintings, drawings and even my traditional art. It does have a learning curve, but once you are used to it, it takes you less than 10 minutes to set up a pose and arrange the lighting and perspective. Before, I had to pose in front of a mirror and take a picture, or search for reference online for hours and then guess the lighting. Now I just build the scene and use it as a reference. Q. For many artists, attending conventions is very important to connect with their audience. How important is it for you to meet your online community? I started attending conventions in 2019 and I was planning to do three or four conventions, but I ended up attending 12. It was a drastic jump, but thankfully, each of them was a financial success. It is awesome to meet the people from my community there! Some people flew out to another city or drove for hours to come see me. To know that people enjoy my art so much and put effort into getting something signed in person is surreal. It makes me feel like a celebrity. (laughs) I really appreciate the effort and support. Q. What do you hope 2020 will bring for you? I always have the same goal of just wanting to do my best with everything. It might not sound like I'm a super ambitious person, and I am grateful that I am given these opportunities, but at the same time, I really wish to work hard for all of those people who see value in me and give me these opportunities. I want to give something back to them! For 2020, in particular, I just wish to survive every convention, as it is going to be a busy year. So hopefully no flight delays. (laughs) Sarajean Profile: TheOneWithBear (Sarajean Chung) is a freelance illustrator who specializes in a wide range of mediums, both digital using Clip Studio Paint and traditional using any thing from watercolor to acrylic. Her art is heavily inspired by Eastern culture, dance, and fashion, while her digital art style is influenced by her passion for traditional art. She has built a supportive fanbase on Twitch.t v through live streaming art three days a week. Outside of streaming, she also tackles conventions, and is a tradeshow artist for Clip Studio Paint in the U.S. Connect with us! Clip Studio Paint Homepage: Sarajean's social media accounts: Twitch: Instagram:

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