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REVIEW HOW DOES AN IPHONE RELAX >ON A LOUNGE OF COURSE! WORDS BY JONE DEVLIN It’s happened to all of us; you’re driving to or from work when the phone rings. You pull over, and then spend the next couple of minutes fumbling through your pockets or purse for your phone. By the time you finally grab it, inevitably, the call has gone to voice mail. Well, the innovation experts at Just Mobile have solved your problem, with a new product they have just introduced called the Lounge . Retailing for around $50, the Just Mobile Lounge is a sturdily made aluminum phone stand created specifically to hold your iPhone on your dashboard or desk. The construction of the Lounge is sleek and lightweight, and the product is specifically designed to sit on your car’s dashboard securely (and without interfering with your view of the road). But it isn’t just the stand that’s secure. The Lounge’s padded foam holder is a high end modernization that is able to keep your iPhone so firmly in place you don’t have to spend a minute worrying about a bump or a sudden stop turning your phone into an unidentified flying object. By the same token, the padding on the holder keeps the Lounge from scratching or marring your iPhone in any way – even if you do accidentally hit that big pothole at 30 miles an hour. As part of MacDirectory’s review of this article, the author was sent a Lounge. The first place I used it was on my desk, just to get a feel for the product. The construction was obviously high-end, and the professional look of the Lounge made it an easy, attractive fit to my home office. I also appreciated the fact that with the phone mounted on the Lounge, it was easy to type messages, flip though applications, play games or watch the occasional video (not that anyone ever really plays games or watches videos at work, of course). Next I moved the Lounge to my car. I admit I wasn’t as confident about this, as the bottom part of the stand is designed to appear flat, and I was wondering if it could really fit as securely on my dash as the instructions claimed. It turns out my fears were unfounded. The Lounge was not only easy to set up (a big plus for someone like me who is constructionally challenged), and mount on my dashboard, but it has a sturdy adhesive area tucked underneath the stand base that guarantees it won’t move once set up. And just like in my home office, the visual appeal of the stand made it a classy, fun addition to my car. Moving beyond the visuals, the perfect functionality of the stand also displays the design innovation that Just Mobile is famous for. First, the Lounge is fully rotatable, so you landscape fans (and you know who you are) will have no problem adapting it to your needs. Secondly, it is one of the only phone stands on the market that is just as easily able to hold your iPod Touch as well as your iPhone. And did I mention it can do it without you having to remove your iTouch from its case. Lastly, the Lounge’s lightweight design and nicely sized base also means that you on the go users can easily make it portable. Just slide it into your computer case, purse or book bag, and viola, you have a phone stand or iPod holder you can use while you’re hanging out at the coffee shop or library. Still not convinced? Go to Just Mobile’s Web site and check out the list of awards the Lounge has recently won, including the prestigious iProng 2010 Best of Show accolade. So if you’re looking for a hands free mount for your iPhone or iPod Touch, the Lounge is absolutely the best (and coolest) way to go. Product Just Mobile Lounge Made by Just Mobile Price About $50 Pros Perfect functionality, design innovation Cons None cited Rating ★★★★★ 54 MacDirectory

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