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Spring-Summer 2010

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FEA TURE Sorenson Squeeze 6.0 Aperture 3.0 Works seamlessly with leading NLE’s like Apple Final Cut, Final Cut Pro and iMovie. Squeeze 6 is the first total workflow solution, enabling you to employ innovative tools - such as email and text notifications and a secure review and approval process - that simplify the overall workflow and easily encode and publish video files on the Internet. Optimized video codecs and new filters have also been added, significantly improving video quality and encoding speed. Requirements: Mac OS x 10.4 or later. Postbox 1. 1 A new desktop email application that offers powerful new ways to find, use, and view email messages and content, organize work life, and simply get things done. Postbox works behind the scenes to catalog everything in your email: every bit of text, every contact, address or link, every picture, document or attachment. Study Desktop 1.0.4 Your personal tutor: Using a clever approach it takes care of scheduling card repetitions for you. Other flashcard software may require you to grade your answer. But this will soon become rather tedious – after all, you should focus on the topic. Study Desktop on the other hand will adapt to your progress using a spaced repetition model based on psychological and pedagogical research. Requirements: Mac OS x 10.6 or later. Requirements: Mac OS x 10.4.9 or later Gives you powerful yet easy-to-use tools to refine images, showcase your photography, and manage massive libraries on your Mac. It’s pro performance with iPhoto simplicity. Requirements: Mac OS x 10.5.8 or later. more information and take up more screen space. Requirements: Compatible with Mac OS x 10.6 Snow Leopard VelaClock Deluxe Besides displaying local times, users can quickly display the time of sunrise, sunset, or twilight, duration of daylight, current phase of moon, time zone information, and much more. The interface can easily be configured to use a minimum amount of screen space or, if the user wishes, multiple lower panes can be opened to display 42 MacDirectory

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