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FEA TURE Top iPhone Apps Maximize your iPhone, or maybe even your iPod, for both business and pleasure with these hot new apps and downloads. Find more to download at PowerTunes 1.1.3 Organize multiple iTunes libraries and music folders. Create multiple iTunes libraries, instead of having all your music in a single library. Find orphaned tracks in your music folder and add them back to your library or throw ‘em in the trash. Got tracks whose files are missing? Hook them back up or delete them quickly and easily. One click sharing of your library among multiple users on your machine. Copy songs and playlists between libraries while retaining all your play counts, ratings, and other data. PowerTunes remembers which music folder of your libraries uses, so you don’t have to. Move your music folder to another location in one easy step. Features: * 96 high-quality loops * combine loops to make custom ringtones * automatically loads ringtones into iTunes to sync to your iPhone Cornerstone Take control of Subversion with a client application that was specifically designed for Mac users. Cornerstone integrates all of the features you need to interact with your repository and does so in an elegant and easy-to-use fashion. Whether you’re new to versioning or a Subversion expert, Cornerstone will help streamline your workflow and make version control more transparent. help you find a bigger or swankier or whatever else kind of car you need anytime, anywhere. Even if your plans are last minute, you can make or cancel reservations right from your iPhone or iPod touch. apps-for-iphone/ Shakespeare If you’re headed back to school soon, don’t forget to pack a copy of Shakespeare. On your iPhone. The free app brings you the full text of all 40 plays, as well as the Bard’s poems and sonnets. Customize your reading experience by picking the font color and font size. Opt to scroll or tap your way down the page. You can even rotate iPhone or iPod touch and read Shakespeare in landscape mode. apps-for-iphone/ Zipcar Tune-Foo 2.0 Create iPhone ringtones from the high-quality and ringtone appropriate loops built into Tone-Foo. No more frowns and hateful gazes from your friends and co-workers when your iPhone is ringing off the hook! Download now and become a Tone-Foo Master! Say you’re at the store and realize you need a bigger car to move the furniture you just bought. Or you just found out that you have to pick up a client for dinner tonight. Zipcar will you 30 MacDirectory

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