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DEPARTMENT BEEBE > MACDIRECTORY’S TECH GODDESS Q >I absolutely hate QuickTime Player X and I need the backward compatibility with older formats. When I download QuickTime 7 the installer says it is too old. What do I do? - Jim, California A >I share your loathing. In addition to down-and-dirty editing, I use QT7 to view the zillion QuickTime VR panoramas I’ve shot of just about every place I have ever lived or visited. Insert your Snow Leopard installation disk and run the “Optional Installs” QuickTime 7 package. Afterward, right click on the QuickTime 7 icon, select Show Contents, drill down to Resources/QuickTimePlayerLauncher and toss the launcher resource. Next, right-click on a .mov file, select Get Info and specify QT7 in the “Open With” popup. Choose “Other”, then navigate to QuickTime 7. After this, click on the “Change All” button to make sure that all movie files open in QT7. If you ever need to open a movie in QuickTime X, you can do it by dragging and dropping it on the QuickTime X application. Q >Apple does not support Flash on the iPhone, the iPod Touch, or the iPad. Any idea why? - Wally, California A >I have yet to penetrate the mind of Steve Jobs, but I do know that there are certain issues with overhead and instability (with Flash, at least). With HTML5 on the way, I am guessing that Apple is employing its damn-the- torpedoes approach; earlier examples of which have included the USB-only MacBooks and Steve Jobs’s proclamation of the death of the DVD. As for my personal view of Flash, I have been using it since I was a kid and I have absolutely no love for its dated and clunky tools. But to be fair, I think that the popularity of Flash should be enough for it to be supported on Apple’s iDevices. Q >The hard drive on my MacBook is too small and I need to replace it. Can I do this myself? - Mavon, Nevada A >Unlike iBooks and other older laptops, this is very easy with a MacBook. You can find a step-by-step video at Other World Computing You will need a torx screwdriver and you might as well toss in another $15 for an external enclosure for your old drive, both of which are available from OWC and elsewhere. As for selecting a laptop drive, I always look for drives with a five-year warranty IPAD and that are energy efficient. If you do any video editing go with a 7200 RPM drive. Otherwise, a 5400 RPM drive should do just fine. Q >I really want an iPad but I’m not sure which one to buy. What do you recommend? - Elle, Illinois A >It really depends on how you plan to use it. If you are a homebody and have a laptop for movies and productivity, the 16 GB WiFi should suffice. If you are in college and think it might be useful in class, go with 3G. As for myself, I travel, I create a lot of Keynote presentations, and I watch an occasional movie, so I’m looking at the 32 GB/3G version. Unsure about 3G? It only costs only $129 more and you can enable 3G whenever you want without any contractual obligation, so why not? Q >The scroll ball on my Apple mouse only scrolls up, but not down. What do I do? - Mark, Maryland A >This is a design flaw, pure and simple. Flip it over and remove the debris by scrubbing it around on a lightly textured surface, such as a sheet of paper. This should fix the problem. And if you want to reduce the buildup of oils and other gunk while you are using the mouse, make sure you use your left hand for the Twinkies and pizza. 28 MacDirectory

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