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INTERVIEW MA > Please elaborate how you were able to “mentally” manage being alone for so many days. KS > Endurance is much more of a mental challenge than physical. A year before the row, I worked with a sports psychologist who helped me break down the challenge into manageable steps or phases. I have also participated in extensive meditation retreats, the last one in which I meditated twelve hours a day for ten days straight without any sort of human interaction similar to the isolation at sea. Lots of patience and persistence was required to ensure a safe and successful crossing. MA > Your iPod played books on Zen meditation. When did you play them? And what aspects of the meditation helped you the most? KS > I have quite a few audiobooks by a meditation teacher, Cheri Huber, who gave me over 30 of her audiobooks for my trip. Her teachings have definitely helped me to accept and embrace my endurance challenges. During the journey, there was no question about what I would be doing in a day, a week, a month. I expected to be at sea for several months so it freed my mind from constantly thinking “what next?” For a large part of the journey I felt present; there’s no need to think beyond the moment. MA > Did your iPod helped you in any other way? KS > Aside from lots of rowing, I spent my time listening to music, audiobooks, comedians, lectures, and more. Being along at sea for two and a half months, I heavily relied on my iPods as my main source of entertainment and motivation. I’m not sure I could do what I did (at least with any shred of sanity left intact) without them. MA > How were you able to keep your iPod charged for so long? KS > Everything was powered by the sun; two solar panels mounted on the bow and stern cabin. Salt water and electronics aren’t the best of friends and several of my electronics failed during the crossing. Thankfully, all my Apple products made it all the way across without problems. MA >Do you use any other Apple products? If yes, please briefly elaborate which ones and why. KS > I love all my Apple products! I brought four nanos, one shuffle, and an iPod touch on the row. I brought the iPod touch for my weekly movie. I chose to bring the iPods without moving parts (instead of iPod classic), because I hoped they’d be less likely to suffer in the salt and movement. My Macbook and iPhone 3GS were awaiting my arrival in South America. I even had some emails from my “One-to-one” instructors at my local Apple store to see when I’m coming in next. MA > What did you miss the most during the 70-day journey? KS > A boy. Good food and good company were dearly missed. MA > Any special moments that you would like to share about your journey? KS > As I was approaching the fourth-way mark of the journey, I wanted to do something special to celebrate. The decision was made for me when fins started to appear. Moments later my boat was surrounded by a pod of ten or fifteen dolphins. They swam so close to my boat, I could nearly touch them. I felt like they were giving me a show mid-Atlantic by doing flips and tricks for twenty minutes. MA > What is your next challenge? KS > I love challenges and am already excited for the next one. I’m letting my mom relax for a few months before worrying her on my next one. Stay tuned! For more information about Katie and her foundation, visit: MacDirectory 129

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