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Spring-Summer 2010

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COMPANY PROFILE WESTONE > YOU’LL LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR WORDS BY MATTHEW SCHILDROTH Nothing is more important in the world of audio than top- notch quality. Hearing is one of the main ways people receive information. For those who are hearing- impaired, a lot of information can be missed out on if there is no quality aid to hearing. This was the reason Westone started back in 1959 as a custom earpiece manufacturer for the hearing health industries. The founders of Westone, Ron and Mickey Morgan, believed there was poor quality in the industry, and so Westone was born, up in the mountains of Colorado. The company has vastly expanded to design and manufacture equipment not only for hearing health, but also for customer service, the music industry (pro audio and personal listening), and military application. Westone is one of the leading companies in the audio industry. When you go out looking for the best of the best audio equipment, you will very likely hear Westone’s name. They even have a list of over 300 different artists of a great range of genres who have used their monitors for live shows. Westone knows what it is doing, and has a great user base to back it up. Doug Leavy, Westone’s media and communications specialist, took some time out of his schedule to speak with MacDirectoryabout the company, and I think you will like what you hear, pun fully intended. MacDirectory > What are some of your company’s biggest accomplishments? Leavy > (In the music division, specifically) “We are pioneers in the in-ear musicians’ monitor/earphone market using balanced armature driver technology. We began in pro- audio with Rush and Def Leppard in the early 1990s. We were also the co-developer and original manufacturer of both the Shure E1 and E5 and Ultimate Ears custom earphones.” MD > What type of people do you market to specifically? DL > “We are aimed at the mid- to high- end market. We believe the lower-priced market is over-saturated and that quality and fit are not always at the top of the list where they belong. Our products may cost a little more, but an earphone built with exceptional quality, ergonomically- designed fit, amazing sound and support from a company with over 50 years experience manufacturing products for the ear really should.” MD > Where can your products be seen? DL > “We have dealers all over the world selling our products. Some have store displays set up for people to audition the earphones before purchase. They can also be seen in the ears of many of today’s top artists on tour.” MD > What makes Westone different than other audio equipment producers? DL > “Experience. No one else has the experience and knowledge we have manufacturing products for the ear.” MD > What new products might you have coming up soon? DL > “We have several ‘irons in the fire’ right now, some for the personal listening market and some for the musician to use on stage. Can’t really get into details at this time, but it will be another exciting year for us.” MD > Where do you see Westone in 10 years? Leavy: “At our core, nothing will have changed. We will still be providing excellent customer service and a high-quality product that we believe in. I’m sure we will be a much larger company and we fully expect to be a world leader for musician’s monitors and personal listening earphones.” Whether you are a doctor, an audiophile, someone hearing- impaired, a professional musician, a military officer, or anyone in between, Westone has a product to make your life better - guaranteed. The next time you need any type of audio equipment, look no further than Westone for all of your needs. Visit for more information. 114 MacDirectory

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