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COMPANY PROFILE CONCEPTDRAW > MANAGING THE PROCESS OF YOUR BUSINESS WORDS BY E. LEE GRIGGS requirements of managing a workflow or project. Reams says, “It integrates them together so you can do some activities and reduce the amount of time that it takes to do it. For instance you can build a MINDMAP of a process and brainstorm with your team. Individually you can build a process and then you can start assigning start dates, ConceptDraw products are developed and published by Computer Systems Odessa. CS Odessa is a software corporation, in business since 1993. The parent company, CSO Corp., is located in Odessa, Ukraine with the Americas office, CS Odessa LLC, located in San Jose, CA. The range of products includes graphics and productivity software, server solutions and games for Windows and Macintosh platforms. Their primary product is ConceptDraw Office, which covers all aspects of managing business processes including creative work team management, project planning, information management, tracking and reporting. Recently MacDirectoryspoke with Olin Reams, general manager of CS Odessa (America) who described their most popular product, which consists of ConceptDraw MINDMAP, ConceptDraw PROJECT and ConceptDraw PRO, providing a single solution that meets all due dates, and resources to that and you just push a button and it opens it up in PROJECT. In PROJECT you get a number of views, a networking view and a resource view. You can then allocate resources across all your projects that you manage in a single view. You can manage the entire project from beginning to end.” Speaking of the benefits of ConceptDraw Office, Reams said, “Different members of the project may have different preferences as to how the project data is delivered. With a common data format of ConceptDraw MINDMAP and ConceptDraw PROJECT built into ConceptDraw Office, the same data can be displayed in the form of a mind map. ConceptDraw Office allows the members of the project to e-mail tasks as a convenient mind map.” “ConceptDraw PRO is business graphics, a visual application, and what it does, it allows you to draw flow charts, build a scorecard on your project progress, work charts – things of that nature. So we are pretty much targeted toward small to medium businesses and the departmental level of big companies. Even some enterprises look at us as a low cost solution to their project planning.” I asked Reams if the small one-man office would have a use for the products and he said, “Yes, small one- and two-man offices would have a use for our products. They are a large percentage of our end users. Education is another large percentage of our user base. The interesting thing about our product is that in a small office there are a lot of tools to help share information. For the small office there are a lot of tools in our tool kit that make it easy to collaborate. Let’s say you have an assignment to write a number of articles for a publication. You can use ConceptDraw MINDMAP, which is what I consider the first product inside our office suite. You can say, ‘Articles I need to write for next month’s publication,’ and then you just hit enter and a branch comes up and you say, ‘ConceptDraw’ and then you hit enter again and another branch comes up and you say the title to the next article and so on. Then you can go back and start adding sub-branches to that. For instance, for ConceptDraw you can say, ‘What are the three products and who uses them.’ You can keep on adding branches to build the outline of your article. You can do the same for each additional article you have listed. You can add when each article is due, what editor you are dealing with, the number of words, and you start storing all of this information. Then you just hit a button and it opens it up in PROJECT and you continue on from there. Anyone interested in ConceptDraw Office can download a trial copy at . The toll free number in the United States and Canada is (877) 441-1150. 112 MacDirectory

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