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Spring-Summer 2010

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COMPANY PROFILE IKIT >THE NEW HOME FOR APPLE ACCESSORIES WORDS BY MATTHEW SCHILDROTH Of all the gadget accessory producers in the business, there is one company that really stands out : iKit. iKit was established in 2009 by owner and founder Oliver Evans. Evans is originally from London, but currently lives in Hong Kong. He has been in the industry for seven years, and he not only knows what he is doing, but loves it too! iKit was founded specifically to market to owners of Apple products. They have grown in only one year from being a single businessman to employing 15 people in their regional offices. They also now manage and run their own production line that employs more than 500 people. They are going global with their company, and have distributors worldwide, making their products available to most, if not all, major markets. As a company, their goal is to see what the consumer really wants. They want to present a product in which consumers can pride themselves, knowing that they had a part in it. In talking with Robert Laird, the company’s director of marketing, he said, “We have a few key factors that set us apart from our competitors. Not only is the consumer buying a product, but they will be able to influence iKit’s approach and join a community in doing so. Our goal is to get into the consumer’s mind, realizing what theywant to see. The consumer will be the future for iKit’s advances, and will be able to enjoy some interesting incentives.” They have a variety of essential accessories, and know exactly how to market them. The ProDura series of cases, made for iPhone and iPad, is sold in a variety of styles and colors, able to match any consumer vibe from fun and off-beat to modern and professional. There is, therefore, a style for every buyer. There is one thing that is always the same about iKit’s products, however. Their bit larger scale, there is the iPad Dura Case. Much like its little siblings, the iPad variation is designed to intrigue, but not interfere. It provides excellent protection from inevitable drops, and looks very sleek and professional. It comes in a clear style as well as black. Besides cases, iKit still shines above the competition. The AutoCon FM transmitter is another iKit device that is of particular interest because it not only transmits your music to your radio, but also allows for control of your iPod or iPhone. Inclusive of a microphone, it also supports hands-free calling. You may think one FM transmitter is the same as the next, but once you use the auto scan feature of the FM transmitter, you will see that there really is a difference in not only clarity of signal, but also in ease of use. products are durable and of only the best quality across the board. Speaking specifically of their case lines, they truly provide the best protection for your investment. Let’s face it, Apple products aren’t cheap (you get what you pay for), so they really are an investment. Made of a strong polycarbonate shell with a rubber cushioned border, the cases can take a beating, but unlike many cases from other producers, they do not interfere with device operation or functionality. The iPhone Chrome Flip Case is a sleek case designed with an integrated stand that supports the device while you sit back and watch your favorite movie. The iPhone Envi Case is designed with a fresh style that actually could cause envy! On a Now that you know a little bit about iKit’s brief, but successful history, and a few of their current offerings, let’s see where they are headed. In speaking with Laird, I had the opportunity to ask a few questions about what iKit is looking at ahead of them, and I think it is going to be an exciting run for iKit. They plan on expanding their case line to fit BlackBerry devices, but will also stay true to their Apple roots with great new accessories for the iPad, including a hard case with an extended battery, a slim hidden speaker system, a larger version of their flip case with the kickstand, and my personal favorite, a cable-less charger. While iKit is a young company, they are strong and innovative. They feature a lot of bold and fresh new products that stand out, and the best is yet to come! 110 MacDirectory

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