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COMPANY PROFILE LC TECHNOLOGY >DATA RECOVERY INNOVATORS WORDS BY MATTHEW SCHILDROTH LC Technology is a company that has not been around for many years, but since its founding in 1997 has accomplished a great deal. The firm is both an innovator and veteran in the data recovery field, and its services have been used by both the corporate world and by the general consumer. LC Tech is a well-established, but ever-rising company that has done a lot of good work in its field with intuitive, powerful software. The company, based out of Clearwater, Fla., was introduced to the world as a data recovery company that marketed most specifically to IT professionals in the corporate world. It released the first commercial product for recovering data from an NTFS-formatted file system with a product called RecoverNT. It also released the first commercial image recovery utility that it still supports and updates, called PHOTORECOVERY. Since these releases, LC Tech has continued to provide customers with the tools they need to recover data once thought lost forever. Over the course of a few years, LC Tech evolved a bit, and now has many products for individual users in addition to commercial users. It has expanded globally over the past 12 years, and now serves many customers worldwide. In the words of David Zimmerman, founder of LC Tech, “I think we have the most comprehensive collection of file and data recovery utilities available for users of both Mac OSX and Windows. We currently support around 23 different languages with our products and have customers in virtually every country in the world.” So where might one see LC Tech’s footprint? It can be seen all over the world, and potentially in almost every home, school, or business in America. LC Tech has worked with companies such as SanDisk, Corel, and Transcend. These companies all specialize in flash memory, and obviously, where there is memory there is inevitably data that needs to be recovered. LC Tech’s recovery software, FILERECOVERY and PHOTORECOVERY, as well as other softwares such as FILExtinguisher and Digital Media Doctor have been made available in versions compatible with SanDisk’s U3 launch system found on many flash drives. So essentially, LC Tech can be everywhere. Another question one might have is why someone would choose LC Tech for recovery over other services. For one, it is very simple, and their support is outstanding. “We make our products simple enough that the most novice user is able to use our products with a great deal of success,” Zimmerman said. “In the event they do have problems, we offer toll-free tech support for free, forever -- and you get a real person here in this country.” When asked as to whether individuals, small businesses, and large-scale corporations could all reap the same benefits, Zimmerman replied, “It doesn’t matter the size of the business or whether the customer is an end user. We have the ability to relate to people on all levels and when you get right down to it, the problems are all the same.” It sounds as if LC Tech has what true tech support should be down pat -- relating to everyone. No one wants to run around in circles in some automated mess of confusion. They want to talk to real people who can give them direct answers, and that is where LC Tech really shines. The next time you use a computer, think about what would happen if suddenly your hard drive failed and you lost all those pictures of your family. Next time you use your flash drive, think of what would happen if it became corrupted and you lost that big company presentation due in an hour. If you have LC Tech in your life, you will not have anything to worry about. And where will LC Tech be in the coming years? According to Zimmerman, “We will still be here helping people get their data back.” Visit for more information. 100 MacDirectory

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