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Editor's Note Greetings! At MacDirectory, we know our readers depend on us to make this transition, from summer to fall, as smooth as possible, which is why we created a Back to School Buyer's Guide. We have seven products you will want to pick up before the school year begin— maybe it's a new backpack, a new lamp, or accessories for your smartphone. And because we are very much still in summer mode here, all of these products are also great summer companions— thinking of getting a new pair of sunglasses, and what about socks that won't be intimidated by sweaty feet? Additionally, we have also taken the time to find bedding that is as smart as other aspects of your life. Cariloha has sheets and pillows that cool you down at night with the power of…Bamboo! Looking for new headphones to workout with? Jabra and Phiaton have two very diŸerent options waiting for you. Tired of accumulating controllers on your coŸee table? Caavo might be the solution. And are you looking for fashionable sneakers? KOIO is just what your feet want, and deserve. For those struggling with aging vehicles, Automatic is the voice your vehicle never had. Find out what your car isn't telling you. And have you ever been intrigued by honey? Find out what Bee Raw is doing diŸerently. We have a big review of the new LSX speakers by KEF, as well as three of ZVOX's new products. Plus, Securemac tells us how secure your smart TV is, and OWC tells us about essential tools for graphic designers. Finally, we spoke with Francia Raisa from Grown-ish. (I'm a big fan, so I was super excited to chat with her!) The star tells us about her journey with Freefom and what it's like to be a Latina in Hollywood. Thank you for reading! Claudia About MD Publisher | Markin Abras Art Director | Markin Abras Managing Editor | Claudia Paredes Claudia@Macdirectory.Com Production | Laurie Barboza Online Editor | Webmaster webmaster@Macdirectory.Com Office / Account Manager Kristin Williams Contributing Editors Ric Getter, Thomas Bender Contributing Writers Ric Getter, Thomas Bender, Andy Marken, Levita Galisky Business Development Kristin Williamst SUBSCRIPTION | MacDirectory Magazine is published six times annually, go to for the latest editions. Subscribe at for the latest updates. To submit article ideas, reviews, and other comments, please write to or claudia@macdirectory. Publisher | Entire Content @ 2019 Inveniet Media, LLC all rights reserved. Inveniet Media does not endorse nor assume responsibility or trademark or any content published. Inveniet Media is not associated with Apple, Inc. Cover Illustration | Willyam Bradberry

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