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Waterfield Design Developer's Gear Case: A Must-have For The Techie On The Go By Ric Getter There's nothing that unusual about getting a whole bunch of developers together to design a complex product. In the realm of high technology, this is the norm and the results are often quite elegant. But what happens when you gather their input on something a bit more plebian, say the ideal gear bag for toting around the kind of stuff techies tend to tote? The result, we are pleased to discover, is no less impressive– especially with the mediation and moderation by the best in the bag-making business. WaterField's new Developer's Gear Case is a unique idea that is literally in a class by itself. Like a number of WaterField's most novel designs, it's the result of a months-long crowd-sourced design effort targeted at users who are no strangers to the task of dreaming up something new and unique. What's remarkable is that the company found a way to include so many diverse but nonetheless great ideas into an elegant product. At least that was the goal. The first products in its new Gear lineup were pouches, neat, compact, well-organized places for cables and small chargers. But the audience cried, More! They needed space for portable drives, power supplies, batteries and the like. The Gear Case is the result. As cases go, it's still compact–a little larger than one of the lengthier Harry Potter hardcover novels, and easily fitting in a carry-on or backpack buy with enough heft to be carried on its own.

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