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What's Your Car Not Telling You? Automatic Connected Car Assistance By Thomas Bender The Automatic is a brilliant idea that should come standard in every car. This small dongle brings smart tracking functionality from the depths of your confusing car to the tips of your fingers on your smartphone. And while most of its features should be standard on the complicated machines and computers that we call automobiles in 2019, they are not. Instead, this affordable device from Automatic plugs into the onboard diagnostic port (OBD) of most modern cars and provides the data that drivers want and need. Driving data is sent from the Automatic dongle (which operates off the car's own power and isn't even noticeable once it's plugged in) to your smartphone, where you can access all sorts of information, view driving history, f ind your car in a crowded parking lot, and check out your driving score. Having all of the Automatic's information at your fingertips makes you a much more educated driver. I really enjoy

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