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It's no mystery that the summer months are the hottest of the year. But what are things that you can do to stay cool during those hot days and warm nights? Of course there is turning on the A/C, maybe opening a window at night. Cariloha Bamboo knows how important it is to stay cool, which is why they have a developed everything from bamboo sheets to sleepwear that will keep you three degrees cooler, instantly. The way is works is simple, Bamboo's built-in thermostat is cooler than most materials out there, including cotton. It's precisely three degrees cooler than cotton. This allows you to stay cooler when wrapped up in bamboo sheets or towels. This unique material pulls moisture from your body away, and helps it evaporate more easily. Voila, sweat is gone! In addition to cooling you down more than cotton does, bamboo is twice as soft at cotton. Glide your hands over a fresh set of sheets and you'll be able to feel the difference. Not convinced yet? Bamboo is a natural repellant of bugs, odors and allergens. All Cariloha products are made of viscose from Bamboo, which means it's all natural; no chemicals, no pesticides, no skin irritations. Plus, Bamboo, unlike trees, is capable of growing up to 4 feet a day, making it one of the eco- friendliest resource available. Cariloha is the only store in the world that offers a full suite of bamboo products. From home décor, to apparel, to bedding. Their Resort sheets are one of my favorites. Recently having gone on vacation to the Bahamas I found myself missing the resorts sheets. It was crazy! Resorts have the most luxurious sheets—they are clean, soft, breathable. Cariloha's Resort Sateen sheets make me feel like I'm on vacation all over again. The thread count is 400, and while you might not think that's a lot, the fact that these are made from bamboo makes these sheets feel softer than 1,200 thread count cotton sheets. The Resort sheets come in nine different colors—from ocean mist, to coconut milk. Your bed can't be complete without a pair of pillows. The Cariloha Gel Pillow is the perfect pillow for the summer. It has a cooling gel on the top which adds even more cooling than just the bamboo natural properties. The pillow is made from bamboo charcoal memory foam that is perforated to make it more breathable. This pillow is more on the firm side, however, it is still very comfortable and will mold to your head when sleeping. This summer don't spend your nights sweating. Cariloha has the bedding to keep you cool all night long. For more information, visit:

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