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The beauty of the Capri design and colorways is that they can be worn with so many outfits, and are a very versatile piece to have on hand (or on foot, as the case may be). Koio is not shy about wanting to create a sneaker that can easily transition between all aspects of your life. From the bar to the office to a nice dinner, the Capri's carry enough class to be at home in most situations. Also, because they are so well constructed by talented artisans in Italy with high end materials, they will last a long time. So my original apprehension at wearing my "nice" sneakers too often quickly faded as I realized how well the Capri Pebble's withstood the tests of time. And Koio takes that made in Italy philosophy to its extreme. The word Koio, pronounced koy-oh, is even derived from the Italian word for leather - cuoio. Everything from the forms to the laces, and yes, even the shoeboxes, is sourced and made in Italy. Because the materials are so rich and supple, they feel really excellent on your feet. They break in quickly, and even invite you to wear them without socks - if you're into that. They are called Capris for a reason! The quality materials don't stop at the outside - every Koio Capri is lined with buttery smooth calf leather, and your feet will thank you for it. With the number of options available to savy sneaker consumers, it's a testament to Koio's philosophy and business model that they've managed to stand out. Whether you are looking to make a statement, star t a conversation, or just have a super clean pair of sneakers to compliment any outfit, you can't go wrong with a pair of Koio Capris. At $248, they undercut any of their closest competitors, with equal or higher quality, and are a solid investment to keep in your closet. And if you're wondering what I mean by the Koio philosophy (beyond their diehard commitment to being made in Italy), check out their frequent collaborations with people like JonBoy or Quincy Davis, who have taken risks and pursued unconventional paths in the pursuit of passion. For more information, visit:

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