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Mixed Generations Digital Generation Blurs Age, Focuses on Change Makers By Andy Marken "- They're still dressing like little boys. They're still playing video games." – Jules, "The Intern," Waverly Productions, 2015 A number of years ago, our daughter wanted to take up scuba diving and she asked if I'd take the course with her. NBD, we've always been a water family – pool, sailing, you know. Anyway, we had to do the pool sessions and when she came out of the dressing room, four young Navy dudes volunteered to buddy up with her. When we got home the first thing I asked my wife was, "What in H*** happened to our daughter. She's just a little girl but all of a sudden she's 'endowed'!" Melvina Reynolds' song, Turn Around, is true. People grow up right before your eyes – friends, family, co-workers – and so do you. One day you're a Gen Zer, soon you're a millennial; next thing you know, you're a Gen Xer then suddenly, a boomer, then BAM! you're out the door. The problem is the above observation is a generality and real people don't fit into neat little categories. That certainly applies to the tools you use. Companies and "experts" like to slice and dice the population into generational demographics – hence different. But I prefer Mitch Joel's, president of Mirium, observation that today, every generation is the digital generation.

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