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TV is TV People Want Good Stu† to Watch, No Matter How You Label It By Andy Marken "Sometimes we are asked to do things that are beyond us." – Doak, "Midnight Special," Warner Bros., 2016 After at tending The Pay T V Show a few months ago in Denver, we came to the conclusion that the M&E industry has a huge issue today … and an even huger opportunity. It can't figure out what it is, how to label itself or what it wants to be when it grows up. And surprise, our son and his friends – tomorrow's big content consumers - could give a rat's behind. The other evening, we asked him what he was watching on his phone and in typical cryptic fashion he said, "TV." Just to keep the conversation going we said, "Yeah, we can see that but what?" "Cobra Kai." On his way home from school he had caught up on the news of the day on CBS and then settled in to catch up on Game of Thrones before his newest "got ta watch" show. And that is why the cable (news, entertainment, sports) bill we were determined to dramatically reduce remains stubbornly at about $100 per month! It was simpler when we were growing up because everyone huddled around the T V set and watched whatever was on. Today? We have choices and everyone in the family exercises her/his right to choose what they want to watch, when they want to watch it, how they want to watch it and where they want to watch it. The only people who care are folks in the M&E industry – analog terrestrial, satellite and cable folks as well as digital terrestrial, satellite, cable people; OTT bundlers/ providers; and on the bottom of the pile, the folks who make the stuff…the content creators, developers, producers.

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