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HBO Fans Will Be Able to Watch Shows Offline via Apple TV Channels By Jesse Hollington Overshadowed by Apple's original content service, Apple TV Channels was one of the less prominent services unveiled during the company's big media event in March, but unlike Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade, which aren't really expected to debut until this fall (with one exception), Apple TV Channels appeared in the iOS and tvOS betas only two days after the event, and is expected to launch this month. In fact, the marquee feature of the upcoming iOS 12.3 and tvOS 12.3 releases is in fact Apple's redesigned TV app, which will not only bring support for Apple's a-la-carte subscription service, but undoubtedly paves the way for Apple T V+ itself to land on users' screens later this year. Although Apple began incorporating several third-par t y subscription services into the betas right away, the initial selection was somewhat limited — Show time, Starz, Smithsonian, and Tastemade were the only options out of the gate, although of course Apple promised a considerably longer list that would also include, among others, CBS All Access, Nickelodeon, The History Channel Vault, Comedy Central Now, and — perhaps most significantly — HBO. As the actual public release of the new T V app draws near, Apple released a fourth beta this week that expands the "channel lineup" to a more complete list, bringing HBO on board, along with Cinemax, EPIX , Sundance Now, Lifetime Movie Club, and UMC. What's perhaps more interesting, however, is that it looks like those who subscribe to HBO through Apple T V Channels will actually get an extra perk over subscribing directly through HBO's own apps. As 9to5Mac has discovered,

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