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16+ More Hidden Features in iOS 13 You'll Need to Try By Austin Mallick Apple continues to surprise users with each new iteration of iOS. Back in September 2018, Apple introduced the world to iOS 12 — and with it came a whole new set of features and functionalities. Some of the standouts included Group FaceTime calls, Memoji, iMessage sticker packs, and Screen Time statistics. But now everyone is looking at the next big thing: iOS 13. Apple teased users with iOS 13 at W WDC earlier this month, showcasing some of the new capabilities they'll bring to iPhones and iPads. Let's take a look at some of the exciting new features you can expect in the next version of iOS. Continue reading to learn about 16 More Hidden Features in iOS 13. 16. Two Finger Tap to Open a Tab Browsing the web in Safari using iOS 13 is better and easier than ever. Here's a new trick: want to open a link, in a new tab, but in the background? Just tap it with two fingers. Voila! The webpage is now available in the Tabs view for later reading. 15. Peek and Pop without 3D Touch Apple released the iPhone XR without 3D Touch, and its replacement (Haptic Touch) was ultimately a success. And now, iOS 13 has essentially confirmed that 3D Touch will be phased out eventually in favor of Haptic Touch. On any iPhone running iOS 13, users can press and hold to access a Peek and Pop menu – meaning you don't need an iPhone with 3D Touch to access quick actions any longer. 14. Full-Page Screenshots in Safari When you take a screenshot, you now have the option to select either "Screen" or "Full Page." Full Page screenshots can be marked up and are saved as a PDF to either share with others or to keep in your Files app.

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