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The Fives Stages of a Cracked iPad Screen (And What to Do About It) By Tyler Lacoma This is it. The day has come. You've spotted a crack on your iPad screen. We know, it's a bad feeling; but now is the time to stay calm and take a look at the crack under good lighting. iPad cracks come in several diŸerent stages of severity and often progress from one stage to another after you first discover them. Let's check out the diŸerent stages, and when you should consider a screen replacement as well as the warning signs that a crack will be di©cult to ignore. 5. A Tiny Crack In this case, the iPad crack is barely noticeable, maybe only an inch or so. It's often on one of the corners, perhaps because of an accidental bump or drop. The crack may not even make its way on the "visible" part of the iPad screen. It's so hard to notice; you may not even be sure when it happened. In these cases, the best thing to do might be nothing. Your iPad probably functions just fine with a crack, and it's likely not interfering with the experience at all. You should keep a careful eye on the crack and watch to see if it starts spreading – an unfortunately common occurrence. If the crack starts getting worse, you need to know about it. Treat your iPad gently to help prevent the problem from becoming worse. It's not too late to invest in an iPad screen protector, which may keep the crack from developing further. Finally, if your iPad is relatively new, check the warranty. Sometimes small cracks like these are grounds for a quick trade-in, as long as you make sure that the fine print allows it. If you've paid for AppleCare, then this process is even more straightforward. Call an Apple Store and ask about it if you want to get a technician's opinion as well. 4. A Few Spreading Cracks This is usually a bad sign, but nothing that keeps you from using your iPad. Visibility and

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