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educated guess about which digit the user tapped. In one trial run, the malware had ten attempts to guess a four-digit passcode, typically the number of times before iPhones begin to lock for continually longer periods. With ten attempts, codes with four numbers were discerned correctly almost three-quarters of the time. Longer passcodes dropped the success rate down to 30% over more tries, but even then, the proof of concept was still able to get it correct nearly a third of the time. As scary as this sounds, there is some good news: this hack isn't out in the wild, at least not yet — for now, it's just an experiment. Not only that but as usual, following best practices will keep you safe. As always, be careful about what you download onto your phone — though if you're pulling it from the App Store, you're probably going to be safe. As we've discussed in recent weeks, watch out for shady apps using MDM and enterprise programs to get around App Store protections, since they can be significant vectors for unsavory attacks that might mean your passcode security is the least of your worries. Other important tips include: don't jailbreak your phone! We say it again and again, but it remains true: there's no good reason for the average user to do this these days, and you're only opening yourself up to further risks. Skip out on apps that require an MDM profile unless it's coming from your company and learn from La Liga. Most of today's mobile OSes won't allow apps to use your microphone unless you give it explicit permission. If an app asks you for the opportunity to listen in, stop, step back, and ask yourself: does it indeed need that access? Make sure you're doing what's necessary to keep yourself safe — no matter whether it's ensuring your TV can't be used against you or carefully looking over all the permissions you grant to the apps you install. Want to dive into more helpful tips and how-tos on staying safe in an increasingly dangerous digital world? We'd like to invite you to take a trip into the Checklist Archives, where you'll find our original story on La Liga, plenty of discussions about Smart TVs, and much, much more. With show notes, complete audio recordings, and links to chase down more information, you'll find everything you need to shore up your security knowledge in no time. About SecureMac Founded in 1999, SecureMac ( has been a leading contributor to Apple security since the 2005 release of the original MacScan anti-malware tool. In the years since, SecureMac has continued to play an essential role in providing macOS users with straightforward options for better security. From the development of the faster and more powerful MacScan 3 to the company's ongoing development of online privacy tool PrivacyScan, users can easily equip themselves for protection. With the addition of The Checklist, SecureMac continues to showcase a deep commitment to accessible security and the importance of digital awareness for all Mac users.

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