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learning curve. The features that are not immediately obvious are clearly explained in the program’s online user guide and a large collection of tutorial videos by Boinx and others. Much of the program’s design excellence appears in subtle ways; there is something you’d really like it to do and you’ll probably discover that there is a way to do it. For all it does, it’s an extraordinarily low-stress program to work with. The standard version of FotoMagico 5 is $49.99 and Pro is $99.99. Boinx doesn’t ask you to decide between the two right away, you can upgrade to Pro later. If you’re a wedding or event photographer, the choice is a no-brainer—the program will more than pay for itself with one gig. FotoMagico 5 is a great alternative to iMovie’s basic toolbox for hobbyists and returning vacationers looking for a better way to turn their photos and videos into a real story. For wedding and event photographers, the Pro version is a five-star killer app. Its advanced features are designed with a clear understanding of a pro’s needs, turning out fantastic looking productions with a minimum amount of time and effort. Version 5’s text templates, audio markers and Snippets see to that. Don’t let the quirky name fool you (and what else would you expect from a software company named Boinx), FotoMagico 5 Pro is a unique, professional tool with automation features to speed up your workflow and the versatility to give your work a unique and distinctive look. For more information, visit: Product: FotoMagico Pro 5 Made by: Boinx Software ( Price: $99.99 Pro, $49.99 standard (full version); Upgrade to Pro: $49.99 System requirements: Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite or newer Pros: Superb design leads to a fast and gentle learning curve; virtually all the control you would need; well documented with online help and video tutorials Cons: A couple of minor interface annoyances; standard version is rather limited MacDirectory Rating: ★★★★ ½

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