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Inputs, Outputs, and More Roland tackles a studio staple with the Rubix44 USB Audio Interface By Thomas Bender Roland is rapidly expanding to address every element of musical creation, from instruments to recording to processing. The Rubix44 is the company’s four-input, four-output USB audio interface, which comes at a very reasonable price point. It’s solid construction and list of non-standard features make this interface a perfect piece of equipment for a beginner’s home studio or a traveling musician’s gear bag. As a hardware interface, the Rubix44 looks pretty good. There’s not a lot of design expectation for an audio interface, but it doesn’t need to be a conversation starter, it just needs to work well. That being said, the all-metal construction gives the Rubix44 nice heft and a strong, utilitarian appeal. Smooth knobs along the front of the unit offer good resistance, with plenty of clearly labeled operating switches and status lights. As expected, the front is lined with input controls and the rear is packed with outputs and some additional hardware options. The inputs are divided into two identical blocks with two inputs each. Each of those inputs is a combo quarter-inch/XLR input that supports Hi-Z inputs, and can be connected to microphones, guitars, keyboards, or any

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