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more combat, headshots, and explosions. There is also a driving portion of the game, and your vehicle is a formidable weapon all on its own. There are some fun convoys to blow up, and good mechanics for shooting and driving, though I still preferred my carnage on foot. Throughout the single-player experience, Rage 2 never stops dolling out rewards. There are so many upgrades and progression systems in the game, it is almost overwhelming at first. Luckily, the currency to upgrade comes frequently enough to always be unlocking something new, so what could be daunting is actually a rather frequently rewarding experience. If it’s in the game, it has an upgrade. Your guns have upgrades, your car as upgrades, new mods can be acquired, and then upgraded. Even some of your upgrades have upgrades! Many of these powers have a noticeable impact on your moment-to-moment gameplay, especially the aforementioned movement skills. The myriad of choices to make while upgrading also lends itself rather well to a true ‘play your style’ type of experience that happens naturally during the game. Rage 2 doesn’t necessarily do anything super original in the shooter space, but it does take a lot of the best elements from the shooters out there and brings them together in one cohesive package. The result is a hell of a fun game that is easy to enjoy, and more likely to leave you in a state of euphoria than rage. For more information, visit:

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