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– primarily kids’ stuff – uploaded every day and is projected to have 1.86 billion viewers by 2021 watching 5B videos. We’re getting an embarrassment of riches with everyone in the industry convinced that he/she has the service (and content) that will grab the viewer by the pocketbook. They’re sorta’, kinda’ right. The industry used to be simple. Content producers made stuff and sold it to content distributors who sold it to consumers. Netflix bought stuff from the studios, bypassing the pipeline distributors going over the top direct to the consumer and suddenly the industry started showing cracks as folks said farewell to the expensive bundles and found a way to watch content on their own terms. Media companies put a stop on selling stuff to Netflix, began an aggressive consolidation move and developed plans to go direct to the consumer (DTC) themselves while tech firms saw an opportunity to buy studios and their libraries to offer their own content and make even more profits. Everyone is getting into the “glamorous” business of content creation/distribution. The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) reported that OTT subscribers (613.3M) have surpassed those with cable connections (556M). And according to Ampere Analysis, the overcrowded video streaming market was valued at $22.6B last year and will grow to $30.6B by 2022. Pricewaterhouse Coopers noted that there are already more than 1000 players competing for user attention in all 195 countries around the globe. “While there is a ‘Netflix Effect’ across the industry,” international OTT expert Allan McLennan, Chief Executive of PADEM Media Group, explained, “Not every content service has to or will follow their lead when it comes to their content investment or how they will offer their service. “Today, we have an escalating war for original content that has gripped the entertainment, media and technology worlds,” he said, “and that push isn’t sustainable even for Netflix which has roughly 60.55M subscribers in the U.S. and more than 148M subscribers in 190 countries.

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