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Streams, Dreams Sometimes, Too Many Choices May Not Be A Good Thing “What’s true in our minds is true, whether some people know it or not.” – Chris Neilsen, “What Dreams May Come,” Polygram Filmed Entertainment, 1998 It’s difficult to believe but corrective fluids - Wite-Out and Liquid Paper – are still being widely sold and used, according to Tia Frapolli, head of NPD Group’s office supply practice. Even in today’s born digital world Wite-Out, Liquid Paper sales increased one percent year over year…hey it’s growth! It turns out folks want to cover up, change stuff … quickly. The M&E industry could be the biggest consumer of the “make it disappear” products over the next few years as traditional and OTT TV organizations, shows, offerings, staffs and budgets change in the blink of an eye. Organizations and individuals in the industry struggle to keep track of who owns who and find just the right combination of content, talent, position, price. It’s a solution made by a member of the M&E industry for the M&E Industry. Mike Graham, who was a member of the Monkees and produced films like Repo Man, helped his mom (Bette Graham) develop Liquid Paper to make mistakes, screw-ups disappear. Consumers around the globe bought into the streaming pitch – cut your pay-tv cord, pick your favorite streaming service and watch what you want, when you want, on the device you want and save a ton of money! Do we have sucker written across our forehead? Don’t answer that! In our household, we still pay for service – three right now - to get content to our TV and to all of the family’s devices. And we will soon be signing up for two more, since our son wants to watch the upcoming HBO season of Game of Thrones and we can’t ait for the CBS All Access rebirth of Twilight Zone. If that isn’t bad enough, we’re wondering about Disney+ and Apple TV+. Then too, England’s BritBox looks interesting and there are a couple of good international services we’d be interested in if they offer subtitles or good lip-sync translation. And who can forget the ever-popular YouTube, which has more than 300 hours of video

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