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5 Critical Lessons Apple Tv+ Must Learn From Its Fiercest Competitors By Mike Peterson Apple TV+ is coming. But at this point, we know so little about the platform that it's hard to tell whether it'll end up being a successful streaming service or a gimmick, however Apple needs it to be the former as hardware sales wane. That's why Apple needs to take a critical look at players who have already mastered this game — its streaming competitors. To actually be successful, Apple needs to take a page out of the book of established players like Netflix and Hulu, as well as upcoming juggernauts like Disney+. 1. Subscription Fatigue Is Real – Apple TV+ Must Be Affordable Whether the Apple tax really exists or not, it's safe to say that Apple products aren't cheap. When it comes to hardware, Apple has seen great success in the premium sphere. And Apple TV+ seems like it's being positioned as a "premium" alternative to Hulu or Netflix. But that could turn into Apple TV+'s downfall. People are already suffering from subscription fatigue. The last thing any consumer wants is a $19.99 a month streaming service with only a handful of TV shows — even if those shows are must-watch. Apple needs to be smart with its pricing. The company obviously wanted to avoid any sticker shock by announcing a price too early. But the smartest thing for Apple to do is to price Apple TV+ extremely competitively. In an era of Hulu costing $5.99 and Disney+ set to launch at $6.99, Apple doesn't really have much of a choice. 2. Bundles Are Necessary A good price point is a great start. But Apple may be unwilling to make its premium offering seem less premium by pricing it too low. Yet, whether Apple TV+ costs $7.99 or $17.99, there's an argument to be made that Apple should bundle some extra perks with it. We've previously written why an "all-in-one" Apple services bundle could be a powerful force in the streaming and services industry. Apple may be better off not going toe- to-toe with Netflix or Disney+, and instead adopt a model more similar to Amazon Prime (with its Channels add-on). Apple seems well-suited for this type of platform, too. It already offers a host of services, like Apple Music and Apple News+, that could easily be included in a bundle. Throw in iCloud storage and Apple Arcade, and the Cupertino tech giant might just have a platform that could scare its competitors. 3.Content Is Still King

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