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3. Clear out Your Storage If you've had your iPad for a few years or longer, chances are good that it's become cluttered with content. If your storage is nearly full, that has a direct impact on your speed. You can make a difference by clearing out unused apps, messages and more. • Hold down on any app icon to open up the "X" option to delete it. • For messages, simply go to Settings, choose Messages, and choose "Keep Messages for 30 days" to delete all of your older iPad messages. • If you store photos on your iPad, go to the Photos app and delete all of the images/video you don't need. After this, restart your iPad and you should notice some improved performance. 4. Reduce Motion and Transparency iPads and iPhones feature cool motion animations – changing how apps fade in and swoop out – and the transparency of various app elements. While these things look nice, they aren't necessary and they could be slowing down your iPad when it's busy trying to do other more important tasks. In the General section of Settings, look for the Accessibility section, where you can find the option to Reduce Motion, which will minimize these transitions and can lead to a faster experience. 5. Clear out Safari If you use Safari frequently on your iPad, then – like most browsers – it's been building up a cache of history and website data. That's no problem in the short term, but if you ignore it over time, it can lead to serious slowdowns when you are browsing the internet. Take care of this problem by clearing out your cache. It's effortless to do. As usual, this will also clear out any autosaved login information that isn't on iCloud, so keep this in mind before you begin. • Go back to Settings. • Choose General. • Look for the option to Clear History and Website Data. 6. Turn off Siri or Similar Services You Don't Use Settings also includes a whole lot of features that your iPad (more or less) constantly runs. • If Hey Siri is on, she's always listening. • If Location Services are on, then they are running with every compatible app, and so on. But if your iPad is a bit short on RAM these days, these extra processes can slow everything else down. Comb through your Settings and shut down the things you don't need.

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