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Apple Killed Aperture, But There Are Four Great Alternatives To Use Instead In 2014, Apple announced that it would no longer continue to develop its high- end photo editing application, Aperture. Many amateur and avid photographers loved the program. Its simple to use interface, affordable cost, and high-quality tools were among many of the reasons for its popularity. When Apple announced its demise, many people were shocked. The reasoning being, Apple decided to roll many of Aperture's features into its built-in application, Photos. Although Photos is becoming more capable, it still hasn't gained the same devotion as Aperture. Since Apple announced the end of Aperture's development, they have continued to support it with all of their recent OS updates, including Mojave. But now, that all has come to an end. They've recently updated one of their support documents to let people know that Aperture will no longer work past Mojave. If you have an Aperture library that you want to keep, you can migrate that library into the Photos app or you can migrate it into Adobe Lightroom Classic. Lightroom 5.7 and higher has a tool built into it for migrating Aperture libraries. But what if those apps won't cut it? Let's take a look at a few other options. 1. GIMP This open-source, FREE, photo-editing tool has been around for years. GIMP's development team focuses heavily on ease-of-use and they've done a great job of creating a clean and straightforward user interface. GIMP's capabilities are on par with Photoshop and Aperture. GIMP is available for macOS,

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