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Is social media making us lonely?

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MD56 PG 65_80.qxp:Layout 1 13-01-19 7:28 PM Page 76 REVIEW DOXIE SCANNER BY APPARENT WORDS BY CLAUDIA P AREDES Apparent Corporation has brought innovative and smart products to consumers since 1998. The IntelliScanner, Barcode Producer, and Doxie which has reinvented what a scanner is, are part of their award-winning brand and products that have helped organize clutter at home and in the office. The Doxie One is the newest addition to the Doxie family. Now, it's easy to go paperless. Doxie is unlike any other scanner, it's small enough to tuck inside a drawer, and light enough to carry around with you. Take the Doxie One wherever you go, its small compact size makes it travel friendly, and allows scanning without the need of a laptop or a computer. This scanner is not tied down to your computer like other scanners are. Simply insert what you want to scan (a photo, a document, or a receipt), and push a button. Use the Doxie app to organize your way, and send your scans to Evernote, Dropbox, and even to friends or colleagues with iMessage on iPhone, iPad, and OS X. Plus this app comes with Auto Adjust™, which applies automatic contrast, rotation, and cropping to make every scan look amazing. Scanning is no longer a long process, share, back up, and access your paper everywhere you go. Set-up is always easy, it works much like a digital camera, simply insert the SD card (provided) and begin scanning away. Doxie works with all iPads, including the new iPad mini. 76 MacDirectory When you are ready, sync with your iPad, Mac, or PC, and start organizing and sharing your files. It's simple to use, and affordable for everyone. You can also download your scans with the Doxie SD card via USB or via Apple's iPad SD card reader (for Lighting and 30-pin iPads). Now your scans are saved to searchable PDFs, share docs, and send to the cloud. It's easy to get access to your clean, crisp copies in full color with the award-winning, integrated ABBYY® OCR technology, which makes it easy to search for a specific document on your computer which you have scanned. Plus, all your scans import directly to your photo roll, back up via iCloud, and are shareable to built-in and third-party apps like Mail, Messages, Dropbox, Evernote, and many more. Always on the go? Then the Doxie Go is the perfect solution. While still keeping its tiny size, this scanner, unlike the Doxie One, has a rechargeable battery and builtin memory which makes it easy to scan anywhere, with no computer required. Scan up to 600 pages or 2400 photos and store it in the built-in memory. It only takes 8 seconds to scan one page! If you need additional storage, simply insert a SD card or unlike the Doxie One, the Doxie Go has a slot to insert a USB flash drive. Scanning was never this simple and fun. Charge the Doxie Go, and take it on the road and start scanning your papers, receipts, and photos. With the help of the Doxie app archive, and share them to friends and family. You can scan receipts, reports, drawings, recipes, notes, business cards, photos, and everything else in your home or office. The Doxie app on your computer will allow you to instantly get your scans via Wi-Fi. Once on your computer or laptop you can organize, create searchable PDFs, and send to the cloud. You can even send scans wirelessly and directly to iPhone or iPad with an included app. If there are no wireless networks around to join, Doxie creates its own that you can join with your mobile device. Doxie Go works just like a digital camera, and it will sync to your computer once you plug it via USB. Don't like cables? No problem. The wireless SD card makes this the perfect bundle. Doxie will transmit scans via Wi-Fi instantly to your Mac, PC, iPhone, or Android, device, no wires needed. However, you don't need a wireless SD card to use Doxie Go. You only need a wireless SD card to send scans wirelessly. Doxie Go works with the iPad, via Apple's iPad SD Card Reader. Just like photos from a digital camera, your scans download in seconds on your device. No you can create albums and share. For more information visit

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